Black & Blue specializes in intricate, often complicated pieces that make use of advanced materials and manufacturing processes—our unique philosophy is that design and manufacturing should work hand in hand. We leverage the dying art of handwork with high-tech manufacturing like multi axis CNC milling and the age old process of die striking.

Asher Hoffman started Black & Blue in 2007 after years in the jewelry trade.  First starting at the bench in the early 90's, Asher ultimately ended up in New York City working for some of the biggest jewelry companies in the industry. By the time he was in his early 20's he had turned around, and ran the engineering department of $250,000,000 a year jewelry company.  

After working a stint at David Yurman, Asher worked for the largest jewelry conglomerate in the world, Fabrikant, building and selling a line for the Hip Hop pioneer Russell Simmons.  When that line became a success Asher felt it was finally time to go off on his own and answer the question: Did the jewelry sell because of Russell's name, or because of the design and engineering.

When Asher built out the first Black & Blue collection (of roughly 40 pieces) in 2007 the prospect of getting anything into a national jewelry store chain was almost a complete impossibility.  However, with a good deal of luck 4 items made it to retail that same year.  An incredible feat in its own right, but then, miraculously two of pieces performed.  One of them even became the top item in the men's category at Zales for over 3 years. 

Since 2007 the focus has been unchanged.  By using all of the available knowledge and resources available in the jewelry trade (and beyond) Black & Blue strives to make pieces that offer the height of jewelry making arts with an attainable price.  Asher often states "Its easy to making something incredible for a lot of money.  What's hard is to make something incredible that folks can actually afford."